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Custom-made Cocktail Prom Party QiPao Dress Cheong-sam

Item#: hspd00012
Price: US$ 55.87 (Free Shipping)
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Up for auction is a very beautiful golden fashion full dress cheong-sam. This is really a stunning cheong-sam with fabulous styling. It is very luxurious. It contains two layers. The out layer is made of brocade and there are many gorgeous flower patterns comprised of twinkling paillettes all around this cheong-sam. The paillettes are embroidered with thread into different beautiful flower patterns. The lining inner of the cheong-sam is made of silk cloth which is very silky. This cheong-sam has an exquisite zip at the back. This cheong-sam is designed and handmade by very famous Chinese traditional dressmaker in Shanghai. Please click the pictures above to see its details more clearly.

Cheong-sam is one kind of Chinese traditional style full dress. It is born out of Qing dynasty Manchu dresses and it comes out of the hands of the Han nationality women. Cheong-sam prevailed in China in 1920s. Then in 1930s, cheong-sam become much more popular among the civil women, schoolgirls, workers, noble ladies and so on, even become the standard dress and popular in society and diplomatic occasions. Cheong-sam soon was accepted by foreign women. The styles and variety of designs and colors of cheong-sam today are much more luxuriant than that times. It has becomes an very important component of Chinese clothes culture and it reflects Chinese culture in many categories. Cheong-sam perfectly shows out eastern women's elegance and it is still innovating in styles. It will be much more popular in the world.

The cheong-sam is very perfect for Proms, Cocktail Parties and so on. I think this beautiful cheong-sam is really indispensable when you are going to join a party or proms. Your pretty curves will be perfectly show out by this cheong-sam. And it is also a very good idea to collect or send it to your family or good friend as a special present.

This cheong-sam is measured about 34" at breast, 26" at waist, 36" at buttocks and 52" in full length.

We prefer to custom made this cheong-sam for you according to your detailed measurements and requests. Plus size needs a little additional fee!

Please contact with us after winning this elegant prom dress cheong-sam. Thank you!

Material: silk and brocade with paillettes.

Color: golden

size:any size/custom-made

hspd00012 Custom-made Cocktail Prom Party QiPao Dress Cheong-sam 1 hspd00012 Custom-made Cocktail Prom Party QiPao Dress Cheong-sam 2 hspd00012 Custom-made Cocktail Prom Party QiPao Dress Cheong-sam 3 hspd00012 Custom-made Cocktail Prom Party QiPao Dress Cheong-sam 4
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